Julia Chants is a newly formed band from Budapest, Hungary, playing sacred, world spirit music. The members share the love for mantras and music, they are all dedicated practitioners of meditation, yoga and other self-development techniques, which guarantees that in the space they create with their music, one can easily connect with their internal world, where peace and happiness is located.

Although the band is brand new, the members have been involved in spiritual mantra music for years. Julia has been leading Kirtans around the world (for example in Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Rome and Mysore, India), Ákos is one of the founder member of Earth Jam Music, and had been performing as a guest in the Kirtan Band, and kirtan jams. Gyuri plays his music with Lanou and Karuna Mantra Experient at the moment, and was a part of Matana band. Dávid was performing in pop and reggae bands, and now he plays in Lanou for the joy of many of us. Bence arrived in the mantra scene on the therapeutic waves of music, and now he started to show his talent as a musician and concert organiser.

Julia Chants is formed by colourful and exciting personalities, where traditional kirtan harmoniously unite with western music.  

Mantra is a Sanskrit word, a combination of two syllables “man” and “tra”, to think and the tool of the thoughts. In other interpretation “manas” is for the mind, “trayate “is for liberation, so mantra means to liberate the mind. Mantra is a sound that has the power to calm and liberate our mind. It carries a special content, power and information that purifies the heart of the practitioner from all the material contamination.​

Mantra singing is for praising the Supreme, a way of expressing gratitude, and a prayer for the ability to find the Supreme in everything. The goal of chanting mantras is to calming the mind to find our inner peace and happiness.

Mantra is a word, a sound or a formula usually in Sanskrit and when repeating, one can meditate in an altered state of consciousnesses. Chanting these mantras helps us to calm the mind and to connect with our inner self, to pure our hearts. Focusing the mind on the repetition of the mantras, with the understanding of their meaning can serve as a powerful affirmation.

Sanskrit is the language of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, the language of yoga, and it is only used as a ceremonial language. It is pure and sacred, it informs the practice of spirituality on a fundamental level.

Kirtan is a genre, where the liberating and healing power of the mantras are combined with beautiful melodies. It is a musical form, and is usually is held by a Wallah who sings one line of the mantra, and the participants repeat it after imitating the sound of the words and the tune.  The group energy and the ceremonial environment help us to open our-selfs up to the experience, let our mind calm down, and enjoy singing together these healing and heart opening chants.