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Roman Vacation

Many of you already know, that I will spend one month in the Eternal City, Rome, by an invitation from my friend Eszter, a Hungarian girl who moved to Italy a few years ago, and who opened a beautiful Shala (yoga school) in Monte Sacro area of the capital. Her vision is to help her students on their journey of ashtanga yoga practice, in a cosy, beautiful school. She built her school with dedication for the practice: you can see yourself on the pictures what a calming, pure atmosphere the place has.

Ashtanga Yoga Montesacro
Ashtanga Yoga Montesacro

Eszter will spend a month in Mysore India, to study with Guru Sharath in June. She takes good care of her students, she didn't want to leave them without a teacher, so she reached out to me and asked me if I could replace her while she is away.

on the road

I am honored and very excited to accept her invitation, to spend a month in Rome, to teach mysore classes, lead kirtans, and do workshops. This trip will be a great adventure, and it wouldn't be complete without my sweet little dog Eskimo, who will join me also. After deciding to take my little dog with me, the option of going to Rome by plane was out of question, as it would be too demanding for both of us. I don't want to put Eskimo through the challenges of flying. Instead we go on a big adventure, we do a road trip to Italy by car, taking our time, stopping by on the way here and there. I started to plan the route, because my traveling days are limited, I need to be in Rome in 3 days. (Otherwise I would just go and see where my intuition takes me.) I want to stop in Slovenia, and then take the road by the coast, visit the small Italian fishing villages, swim in the see, watch the sunrise and take long walks with Eskimo.

I never considered myself as a good planner, and now I am realizing how helpful it is when you get ready for a trip like this with great care and thoughtfulness. Considering questions like what Eskimo needs for a long car ride: cage, traveling documents (!) etc. or the engine of my car should be working well :D

Another thing I am planning to do is documenting our trip. Will write blog posts more frequently and I am even considering to make vlog too, so we can keep in touch, share our experiences, and stay connected with everybody.

I need to set a few rules for this project thought. First, I will only use one language, English, as a lot of my friends doesn't speak Hungarian, and writing a blog on two languages at the same time takes a lot of time. My family won't be happy with this, I'm sorry Mum, you won't understand what I say, but I love you!

Soo, stay tuned, and follow us!


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