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Bella Italia

I have been in Italy for four days now, and I already feel like I am local. I am staying with a very nice lady in her apartment in a tidy, spacious room with bathroom, and a huge terrace. She is a real, genuine Italian Mamma. I am super happy and grateful for the opportunity to live with her for a month. She speaks very good English too, she was a journalist, who traveled around the World, experienced a lot. So we both have adventurous hearts, I really feel connected with her already. I am here only for two days, but I already have an Italian Mamma. How amazing is that? :) My first mysore class was very exciting with three ladies who didn't really speak English, and were beginners, so they didn't know the sequence by heart. It was funny how we managed to understand each other through the language of Yoga. The following classes were amazing too, all the students are very dedicated and pure hearted practitioners. This whole thing makes me think how fortunate I am to live a life like this. To be able to share my passion for yoga and mantra singing in the Eternal City. I am counting my blessings. And this is actually the first time in my "new yogic life" when I finally don't feel ashamed for what I have. This was an issue for me for a long time, that I am not worthy and not enough for such blessings. I had to remind myself that there is nothing bad about living your dreams, that everybody has the possibility to create a life that they don't need a vacation from. It took me years to finally be able to say it out loud: I don't need a vacation from my life! <3 Love You!

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