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Friends in Rome

My friends visited me from Budapest last week so I was a little more busy than usual. In between classes we all went to explore the city and surroundings and we did a great job. Went downtown to visit touristy places I don't really go to alone, because I don't like crowded places, but with them it was fun of course. Visited the Spanish Steps, walked around the narrow little streets and sat in romantic little cafes to eat Gelato and drink coffee. We even took a short trip to Ostia a little town next to the sea, one hour drive away from Rome. Normally I don't know how the three of us would have met and spent time in Rome, we are so different, yet there is something in common in each one of us that led us together, and it is Yoga. Yoga is the reason I am in Rome to start with, Yoga is the reason Zsuzsi (a downtown lawyer) and Dá (biologist musician) came here to visit me, Yoga is the reason we are all united. How surreal it is for us to be here and spend this week together, having beers in a Beer Festival in a Park, eating pizza next to the train station, meeting with amazing italian people and have fun experiences. Deep talks, and connections, I am so grateful for. Thanks for coming you two, it was like a dream! (Maybe it was)

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